Totus Salon POS

We live in a fast-paced world where consumers are able to shop everywhere, whether it's at a store or online using a laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Even with the ease of online shopping, making transactions in person is still important. That means the POS is a vital component, and that's where Totus Salon POS comes in. We provide salons with streamline solutions that create hassle-free experiences for customers and business owners alike.

POS Made Easy

Totus Salon POS is the software of choice for salons. The user interface makes it very easy to navigate, allowing you to focus more on the things that matter — taking care of your clients. With a friendly and intutitive user interface, booking appointments and managing your salon has never been easier. Whether you're running a hair salon or spa, Totus Salon will help your salon run more efficiently and smoothly.


Totus Salon provides a complete, dynamic mobile solution that's customizable to your needs. Totus Salon gives you the ability to integrate the POS to any mobile or tablet device. From the workstation to the front desk, Totus Salon can create a seamless working ecosystem. Our program will allow you to retain clients by bridging the gap between you and your customers.

Not only is our software user-friendly and dependable, it also has many features that willl give you an advantage over the competition. Totus Salon's marketing features give your business the ability to create direct advertising to your customers via email and text. Communication between you and your customers has never been closer. With a simple click, you can send your customers a simple reminder of their appointments.

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